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Egy volt is the One of the leading companies in the world of industrial supplies in Egypt with the development of electronic platforms, we decided to provide our services in an easier way for our customers specialized in displaying electrical and mechanical spare parts related to construction and industrial operations, to meet the needs of the final customer whether the customer is an organization, a factory or even individuals who are looking for household or car maintenance . . .etc.


Establishing is to combine traders, manufacturers, importers and consumers interested in industrial needs in one place in order to facilitate the sale and purchase process. Adding to this, Egy volt will create a competitive trait, price transparency and most of all, saving time and effort for both seller and buyer

Services benefits

If you are a seller All what you need is to create yor account through our free registration system on egyvolt.com Straight after registration, you can start displaying your items with its full details in terms of type, size, price, country of manufacture, brand, etc.

What we really do?

Our censorship team will verify all given data in order to approve these items before it becomes visible to browsers.

If you’re a buyer

If you are a buyer You need to create an account as a buyer on our website egy volt Look up your desired product through our search bar, compare between brands and prices, choose what is convenient and make a purchase order.

Problems and our vision to solve them

Due to the presence of counterfeit products in the local market, we have taken upon ourselves, because of our previous experience, to supervise and review each product before delivering it to the customer, and to ensure that it conforms to the specifications.

Fast, realiable and effecient

We worked hard to update our delivery methods to provide good, fast and safe service to all customers , and follow-up customer service for each process until we reach your satisfaction

Our valued customers, we promise with premium service, should you have any query, do not hesitate to contact us on egy volt customer service

What can we do for you ?

Customer Support are always ready to help improve your experience in Egyvolt.com.

Egy Volt is improving the quality of service every single day

Your dreams, your needs are always here!

contact us and you’ll receive your shipment in the fastest due date.

Egy Volt supports the live chat sessions, feel free to ask about anything regarding the service of payment, refunds even the products.
We’re always here to help!

Our Customers are satisfied from our services. As we said fast, reliable and effecient quality.